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California State University, Fullerton "Committed to guiding, supporting, and empowering faculty in creating quality online instruction."

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Titanium Takes Center Stage

Throughout the transition to Titanium, as with the implementation of any new technology, early adopters emerge and embrace the use of the technology while many of us may still be warming up to the idea. In the implementation of Titanium, many such individuals have taken advantage of the tools available in Titanium and the services offered by OASIS to create some very engaging and effective online courses. OASIS will be featuring tours of some of these courses here, presented by the faculty who developed them. The first course featured is Women’s Studies 205: Gender and Globalization developed and taught by Priya Shah. Contact OASIS for assistance in developing your online course or if you would like to provide a tour of your online course for this feature: 657-278-4866

Play video of Seismic Hazards in Southern California

OASIS Wins Adobe Educator’s Choice Award

OASIS recently received an Adobe Educator’s Choice Award in the category of Higher Education Cross Curricular. Awards are given for projects that are created using Adobe products and provide Higher Education Instructional Content. OASIS was awarded for a presentation called Seismic Hazards of Southern California presented by Dr. David Bowman, Chair of Geological Sciences. The presentation was developed by Tim Abad using Adobe Flash and included integration of a number of different types of media including computer simulations supplied by Dr. Bowman. Congratulations to Mr. Abad and Dr. Bowman.

Play video of ICT visit

OASIS Visits USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Recently the OASIS media production staff had the opportunity to visit the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) at USC. The research conducted at ICT has profound implications for the short-term and long-term future of online learning.

Virtual Human Research Articles

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OASIS serves the entire Cal State Fullerton community by providing a comprehensive array of services relating to faculty training, design, development, implementation, evaluation of courses, and technical support of certificates, programs, and degrees offered online.

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Our comprehensive development support team works one-on-one with faculty and departments on various online courses, programs and degrees.

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We provide faculty training and technical support, instructional design consulting, development of online courses using various technologies, development and streaming of online presentations, and multimedia application development.

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OASIS is located on the PLS-44 lobby in the Pollack Library Basement. Stop by to tour our facilities and discuss how we can support your online learning project.

Oasis Self Service Studios

Unplugging Blackboard

OASIS provides self-service studio space for those faculty who are interested in developing multimedia for their online courses.  Our studios have recently been upgraded with more powerful PCs and larger monitors to provide a more efficient working environment for completing your online course.  Our computers provide the latest versions of a variety of online development tools.  Contact us to reserve your studio at 657-278-4866.

OASIS Titanium Guide

Gaming as an Educational Tool

Introduction Video

Online games satisfy the basic requirements of learning environments and can provide engaging learning experiences for students. Generally, games provide a meaningful environment for problem-based learning.  Even simple games can increase student engagement and have a positive effect on learning.  OASIS can help you apply gaming as a learning tool in your course and help you develop an effective game.   Contact us at 657-278-4866.

Try out History Jeopardy with Dr. Tony Fellow